“To provide an effective investment solution to all clients regardless of their wealth.”

The service we provide

Our Investment Proposition

Comprehensive and robust approach

At Sovereign Financial Partners we have devised a focused and robust approach to providing a suitable investment solution to our clients. We have done so by making use of the expertise that is available to us through being able to advise on the entirety of the fund management universe available.

Attitude to risk

At the heart of our process is our commitment to providing an investment solution that is intrinsically linked to clients’ attitude to and capacity for risk. All of our investment recommendations are therefore designed to provide the best solution for you and your risk profile. All of our advisors will agree this with you individually and will continue to monitor the risk you take on a regular basis.


We have chosen to focus on simplicity in order to offer you an effective solution which is easy to understand, efficient to manage, and one that provides full transparency. The Sovereign Financial Partners Investment Proposition is as a result focused on providing client solutions through the use of multi-asset and multi-manager funds.

Trusted experts

We are committed to this approach because we believe that on a day-to-day basis the experts should be trusted to manage your money and our role as your financial advisors is to provide vigorous oversight in order to provide you confidence in the recommendations we give and to ensure their ongoing suitability for you.

Diversified portfolios

Our standard solutions wrap a number of different assets from a number of different sectors into a single fund, providing you with a fully diversified portfolio. Our solutions offer you many of the benefits associated with dedicated or bespoke investment management, without the additional charge such a service will often command.

As all of our recommended funds contain multiple assets which are continually adjusted by the fund manager, they are automatically kept in line with your agreed risk profile, in a manner that is often faster than that which could otherwise be achieved.

Flexibility without unnecessary switching

In order for our investment approach to not be constrained by where your money is already held we have sought to provide a solution that will be available to you without subjecting you to the unnecessary time and expense that can be occurred by moving your existing products between providers.


How we make our investment decisions

Our fund selection process can be broken down into a three-stage process.

Stage 1 – Identifying Appropriate Funds

The first stage of our process is to search the market for all available funds and select those which meet our criteria of being multi-asset and risk adjusted funds. We aim at this stage to eliminate those funds which are not suitable potentially because risk is not appropriately managed the fund manager or those funds which we do not believe to be diversified enough to provide you with an investment that will be suitable over the long-term. 

Stage 2 – Assessing the Funds for Risk

Every fund which passes through the first stage is then assessed for the amount of risk it subjects you to. We do so in order to divide funds into different groups for the next stage. We then review which fund is best for the level of risk you are taking. 

Stage 3 – Assessing funds against performance metrics

In order to select the best funds, we have used a series of measures to ensure that the funds chosen are not only likely to provide a positive return for clients but do so by justifying the amount of risk they subject your money to. We believe that whoever is in charge of investing your money should have a long record of good management. As a result, this analysis makes use of data over at least a 5-year time frame and longer if available. 

It is important that we continue to review your investments on a regular basis and your Adviser will discuss this with you during your annual review. In the meantime, if you have any questions with regard to your current investments or if you would like more information about the Sovereign Financial Partners Investment Proposition, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Advisor.

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